BioTurf BioS+

At the forefront of enzyme technology, BioS produces billions of enzymes to neutralize your artificial turf pet odor.

BioFill Infill

A great product to ensure that the ammonia in urine is aggressively addressed in a proactive fashion.

List of some of the best products in the market!


BioTurf with BioS+ enzyme technology is a product manufactured by  This company specializes in products that clean, eliminates and prevents artificial turf odor from pets.  Similar to how technology evolves in electronic equipment, so does enzyme technology.  Scientist are constantly evolving how specific enzymes are to be used and manufactured to address specific industry needs.  BioTurf with its industry expertise and in conjunction with chemist uses the latest in enzymatic cleaning technology that specifically addresses contaminants that are common in artificial turf.


BioFill is a great product for pet owners who have an excessive amount of pets or smaller areas of turf. BioFill eliminates the amount of outgassing or offgassing (gas release) from contaminated artificial grass by absorbing or chemically bonding the released ammonia gas. Urine is sterile until it is released from your pet. Your pet urine is mostly water (95%) but about 5% of it are other organic and inorganic chemicals. A good portion of 5% is a by urine product chemical called urea. Subsequent to leaving your pets body a chemical reacting takes place causing the chemical breakdown of urea. The breakdown of urea producesi ammonia. The pungent smell in your artificial grass is ammonia and BioFill is the best way to treat this constant problem.