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After 20 years of artificial turf cleaning experience, our team created this informative website to demonstrate to owners and professionals of Artificial Grass and pets, how to clean turf and remove pet turf urine odor. Artificial Turf cleaning and pet odor removal is fairly simple, however there are some steps and products required that makes the cleaning and odor removal process more productive and provide better clean and odor elimination results.

If you are wondering how turf cleaning and odor removal can be easy, keep on reading our clean and odor removal turf service and product guide. Most likely you have a pet dog that uses your artificial turf as a bathroom. During the time of season when the weather heats up, your nose begins to notice a pungent turf odor coming from the artificial turf. That foul pet turf odor is the ammonia in the urine and its then that you realize the turf is not very clean. Now you are wondering how to I remove that nasty odor caused by my pet and clean my artificial pet turf so my kids can play on it?

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